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VerifiedVoter provides critical real-time information to elected officials and advocacy groups about the identity and interests of those who contact their elected officials.

Elected Officials

VerifiedVoter provides highly accurate insights about the identity and interests of those who contact their elected representatives. With this information, office-holders and their staff can prioritize a response, flag high value correspondents needing special attention, determine the necessary follow up actions, and better serve all of their constituents.

Trade Associations and Advocacy Groups

Trade associations and advocacy groups who generate such correspondence in order to influence elected officials can also maximize the impact of each email with Verified Voter. Using Aristotle's nationwide voter and contributor files, Verified Voter flags individuals or advocates who may have special clout with the officeholder or government agency.

This verification is digitally embossed on emails generated with Aristotle's Action Center certifying that citizens making the effort to contact their representatives are real people who can have an impact on their re-election. Verified Voter can also be used with other action centers of other grassroots activation vendors and websites.

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Verified Voter

Verified Voter

VerifedVoter answers the fundamental questions; are the constituents registered to vote and are they active voters.

Verified Identity

Verified Identity

Regardless of whether constituents are registered to vote, elected officials benefit from knowing if the constituent with whom they are corresponding is a real person with real issues.

Verified Constituent

Verified Constituent

Traditionally, a basic check of the constituent's zip code is used to determine the authenticity of a constituent. VerifiedVoter goes way beyond this basic check by validating the constituent's address and ensuring that the constituent actually resides in the elected official's district.

Verified Donor*

Verified Donor

Political campaigns know that addressing key correspondence is a daunting task. VerifiedVoter allows organizations to identify active donors to political campaigns so that they may prioritize their correspondence accordingly.